Support, Code of Ethics

Company (or corporate) coaching - possible topics:

  • I need to stop and think over what to do next
  • Finding the best solution in times of crisis
  • Managing stress and pressure
  • Involvement of the team in joint projects
  • Creation of current strategy
  • Time management and home office
  • Goal setting and home office management
  • Working with change - step back from your stereotypes
  • I am alone at home and want to keep my working motivation
  • I feel pressure and fear, I want to talk to someone
  • Set up rules for team communication and information sharing
  • I have more free time now and don't know what to focus on

Life Coaching - Possible Topics:

  • I don't want to be alone, I need to talk to someone
  • Managing pressure and stress
  • Psychical support and sharing
  • Household and family logistics
  • Time planning
  • Supporting others at home
  • Staying calm and balanced
  • Financial planning
  • I need to stop and think over what to do next 
  • How can I (or my family) benefit from the time and new situation
  • Preparing for job loss
  • Searching for a new job


All coaches in the Coach Register have agreed to comply with the ICF 2019 Code of Conduct. Download the full code below. 

Supervision for involved coaches

We appreciate your involvement and support to others. This work is very demanding for us - coaches - as well. That is why we agreed with Jiří Kunčar, PCC, that we will provide the coaches with weekly 1-hour sessions, where we can share your experience, solve difficult situations together and support each other in the group. This supervision can be recognized as a CCEu.