Tým péče KC :-), foto: Marek Němec
Tým péče KC :-), foto: Marek Němec
Vzdělání v koučinku, Lenka Zelingrová, PCC
Vzdělání v koučinku, Lenka Zelingrová, PCC

Koučink Centrum (Coaching Center):

We founded KC in 2005. We are the first specialized coaching company in the Czech Republic.

If somebody had told me at the beginning of our journey that we would do all of these below, I would not believe. Please see below:

  • Trained the first internationally accredited coaches in the Czech Republic.
  • Integrated the Coach as an official job position at the labour market
  • Launched the first requalification program accredited by the Czech Labour Office - so called Accredited External / Internal Professional Coach
  • Launched the first Internationally Accredited Program, named ACSTH
  • Started cooperation with the founders of modern coaching Sir John Whitmore and Timothy Gallwey
  • Founded the first Inner Game International School in the Czech Republic / Slovakia
  • Introduced internal coaching to leading companies in the Czech Republic
  • Trained more than 6000 course graduates
  • Implemented dozens of projects focused on individual and group coaching in almost all areas of business (healthcare, manufacturing, pharmacy, IT, education, government, retail, banking, IT / Telco)
  • Trained hundreds of managers in a coaching approach and changes in management style
  • Introduced "coaching zones" (free coaching for the visitors) in job fairs and education fairs
  • Together with our colleagues from the company "Zábavné učení", we established a non-profit company CoEdu, and implemented the SOLE by CoEdu project
  • Funded and built a new SOLE classroom for primary school children
  • Created a long-term cooperation with MUDr. František Koukolík, DrSc.
  • Established cooperation with the great Jarda Dušek
  • Accredited our own program at ICF and received International Certification ACSTH
  • Team members have all received the PCC title (Lenka Zelingrova, PCC, Jiri Kuncar, PCC, Karel Vanek, PCC, Katerina Kryllova, PCC, Ondrej Filip, PCC)
  • Organized 11 International Conferences with the best coaching experts in the world
  • Created a coaching book for foster parents and NGO executives
  • Established cooperation with JUNÁK and coach managers
  • Became a partner of the project Life in a Briefcase - ww.zivotvkufriku.cz and, last but not least, we started the #NEJSTENATOSAMI (#YOUARENOTALONE)

We managed all the above thanks to our great colleagues, the whole KC team and our amazing clients and course graduates. I am so glad that we can connect now when others need help and take advantage of coaching in all the necessary areas of life.

Many thanks to all and I look forward to working together ............ together we can do everything ............... no doubt :-)

All about Coaching Center + our courses can be found at: https://www.koucinkcentrum.cz/